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Updated: Apr 14

Be your most beautiful, newest you!

Dare, dare yourself to be still and become friends with the discomfort of breakthrough. You know that discomfort of change (even when you know this change is best)? Then we find ourselves in habits of fear (including fear of the unknown) and choose to lock our footsteps, miss our miracle, remain stuck (in panic and fear) and stay, instead of testing our courage to fly (a new way).

Yesterday will not be here today, and today will never be yesterday.

Release the need to go back. Today is a new day.

Open up to receive the good, the resilience and the new that Life is gifting to you.

"...And Now Faith is!"

Faith supernaturally enlivens and delivers in the present moment, but we must be in the present moment to live it.

Though at times we feel hesitant about it, or we're in pain over it or feeling frightened because of it, change is (and will always be) the irrevocable, indestructible promise. In this light we can choose to stay curious and unfold into our highest joys (in every creative way imaginable).

New is normal!

Believe, embrace it and fly.

So, dare to truly, deeply be your most beautiful you. Don't wait until next year or tomorrow to make today a good day.

I deeply sense, appreciate and understand that facing today takes a lot of bravery.

I surround you in LOVE and pray your way through, up and beyond all that you think, dare and imagine!

May we boldly, beautifully and audaciously never be the same ♥ "Behold, I will do a new thing!"

©"Yesterday and Never More," 2022


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  • Lisa Sophia Spencer

It steals your moment, kills your progress, and will destroy your well-being, good chances and ultimately your very life.

Procrastination is a demon. Be mindful to stop entertaining demonic energy. “The devil (thief) has only come to steal, to kill, and to destroy (John 10:10)."

Release the need to ever again entertain the company of this demonic force. And, you will grow, supersede your fears, regain your strength, beam, and flourish in a deeply more meaningful and satisfying life. Dare yourself, prioritize yourself to live and be fully alive! (It’s time)❤ © “Revelations! Verse 1” Jan 2022 Lisa.Sophia.Spencer All Rights Reserved

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  • Lisa Sophia Spencer

Intentionally live today in ways that your values, dreams and LOVE will celebrate you for tomorrow! (Graceful Blessings to All)

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