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Profound Assurance

All the buried seeds crack open in the dark the instant they surrender to a process they can’t see.” ~Mark Nepo

Mark Nepo is offering to us that growth, transformation & transmutation is happening in the unseen Womb of Life… the dark.

Much like seeds germinate and sprout beneath the soil, our own inner development is unfolding & growing in moments of challenge, discomfort or the unknown. A reminder that in those “dark nights of the soul” we mortals cannot foresee or foreknow our own fate or processes that we shall & must grow through. It is in the dark, beyond our current skill sets to “see”…something deeply essential, beautiful & profound is happening within us.

Trust, anchor in LOVE and Mercies upon thyself & Grow

with love,


PS, I’ll leave you with a poem:

In Sky Black

where the Grand Heavenly Chorus

of Stars sing sweet ballads of love,

sets the mood of the Night

Nature's Divine Oyster woven Pearl,

set on high… She's lit in magic

in Her deep Sea of Sky Blackness

where She and He hover, abide and love

together... forever... passionately

Thus, leaving the romantic fragrance

of Hope pulsating in Their Love Space

of infinite, majestic and miraculous


LOVE gives life,

and LOVE lives

forever and ever


©”Moon, Mood & Stars”

Lisa.Sophia.Spencer 2020 (edited 2022)

All Rights Reserved

♥️May you be filled with love & kindness, imbued with enchanted hope, blessed with a deep sense of peace & May you be profoundly well (if you appreciate & like this post, please share & pass it on (tap the link below to copy & share).

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One becomes so unknowingly strong in a difficult and very confusing situation. At times, when the bridge at that moment is crossed, one be like - I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I DID IT. God!! That's one of the miraculous aspect of being God's loving creation. It's my first time seeing the name Nepo. Thanks for allowing me to come across this name. I will check more about him. And thanks for the well woven poem

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