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Hidden Power for Generations to Come...

Consequences not only effect (and can infect us), but also the people who look up to or depend on us. Not only in the immediate time being, for consequences can infect and significantly limit both our access & ability to be in and enjoy the relationships & endeavors of our dreams.

To every choice there are dominoes of consequences. Today's consequences can fall across future generations.

Un-choosing (choosing differently) is often a process of both herculean & guppy-sized choices in every little (purposeful) step we make along the way.

Cherish, support, love, fortify, save yourself & your future will follow.

Choose higher

Choose wisely (don't hesitate to seek wise counsel when feeling raw, vulnerable or confused)

Choose better

Choose Divinely Choose you

If I have no peace, simply means I have chosen wrong. It's ok, we get to choose again.

❤️May you be filled with love & kindness, imbued with enchanted hope & peace, joyful and as well as can be (if you appreciate & like this post, please share & pass it on (tap the link below to copy & share).

©"Hidden Power..."

Lisa.Sophia.Spencer 2022

All Rights Reserved

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