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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Here’s the song of truth that gets me dancing every time! The Spirit of LOVE finds me, wherever I am... when I am feeling truly hurt, apathetic & aching in brokenness...

LOVE and HER Sweet Vibe reminds me, reminds us that...

Your life has meaning beyond sight

You are important and you matter

What you have to say matters

Your voice matters

Your story matters

Your feelings matter

Your dreams matter

You matter


Love must be at home. Home is in your Heart, it’s your beautiful, sacred palace where only you and the Most High can enter and abide.

Love yourself enough to stick faithfully with and to yourself the way nobody else have, ever!

Love you enough to lift your head, pick up your life again and be true to yourself, your daily goals, your values, your self-promises & all that brings you greater self-respect, all things that bring you pure, healing, comforting peace.

May LOVE arise and all HER enemies & inner-saboteurs be scattered. For in the Presence of Pure LOVE is Joy, torment cannot exist, and the JOY of God will be the dance of your strength.

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  • Writer's pictureLisa Sophia Spencer

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Roses are red my love Violets are purple and deeply blue Sugar is tricky sweet and dangerous Pretty hurts... like thorn covered roses thorn covered roses...

I find this to be true throughout the pain spectrum.

As we can see with worthwhile achievements like, spiritual growth, healthy self-relationships (relationship with self), romantic relationships, parenting, weight control, business success...

And at the other end of this spectrum, we can ask any woman, teetering on a stiletto world, trying to squeeze herself into the glass slipper of shallow and sharp societal demands on what a “pretty woman” looks like, how painful is “pretty”?

So today, I pray like it’s my dying breath to be at peace with my beautiful self LOVE is beautiful

Joy is gorgeous 

LOVE is kind,

Kindness is lovely

and Peace is truly sweet

Even while bearing the pain of loneliness in refusal to conform to anything that betrays or deforms my self-worth, today...

I invoke my-inner-trust and self-knowing, I am free to be, have and flow in my vibrant uniqueness, and divine being.

Today, I pray, invite and invoke my courage to live a disciplined life, that I may enjoy pretty things, while being grounded in all that I Am. I Am, an answered prayer, I Am LOVE, I Am bodacious in faith & self-designed. I Am radiant from within!

While success is sweet “Pretty” hurts... like thorn covered roses

❤️If you've enjoyed this read, invite yourself to be a blessing. Share & pass it on. ©”Thorn Covered Roses” Lisa Spencer’s From the Heart Poetry Collection 2019 All Rights Reserved

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  • Writer's pictureLisa Sophia Spencer

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The one thing we all have in common

is we’re all afraid of being afraid.

May today we refuse to live powerless lives to senseless fears...

Go beyond, be wildly sane, gorgeously alive & dare ourselves to stride free & be the best versions of ourselves in this world today.

May LOVE arise and all HER saboteurs be scattered (and it’s ok, not to be ok; it’s only an invitation to healing more deeply),

for in the presence of Pure Love there is fullness of sweet flowing peace, and torment can only cease.

© Lisa Spencer’s Moments of Reflection 2019

All Rights Reserved

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