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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Here’s the song of truth that gets me dancing every time! The Spirit of LOVE finds me, wherever I am... when I am feeling truly hurt, apathetic & aching in brokenness...

LOVE and HER Sweet Vibe reminds me, reminds us that...

Your life has meaning beyond sight

You are important and you matter

What you have to say matters

Your voice matters

Your story matters

Your feelings matter

Your dreams matter

You matter


Love must be at home. Home is in your Heart, it’s your beautiful, sacred palace where only you and the Most High can enter and abide.

Love yourself enough to stick faithfully with and to yourself the way nobody else have, ever!

Love you enough to lift your head, pick up your life again and be true to yourself, your daily goals, your values, your self-promises & all that brings you greater self-respect, all things that bring you pure, healing, comforting peace.

May LOVE arise and all HER enemies & inner-saboteurs be scattered. For in the Presence of Pure LOVE is Joy, torment cannot exist, and the JOY of God will be the dance of your strength.

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