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Fear and Freedom

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Fear and Freedom

Love, the opposite of harm; self-harm or harm to another. The opposite of Love is fear.

Trust your Joy

What lights your joy or makes you deeply happy?

Trust the Eye within your eyes (the deep knowing, “shut” behind the lids of your denial).  Trust the "red flags."

Trust what you sense the first time (give yourself permission to see).

Trust when you hear (that Wisdom, Divine Spirit & intuition). Release the need to over-busy yourself or rationalize.

Train yourself instead, to be still -listen- and know.

Freedom! Know freedom.

What liberates you? When do you feel free to be joyfully, deeply, powerfully you (without self-harm, other harm or recklessness)?

What are your freedom dreams?

” Grow or go!” (anonymous author)

"Haste not to harm another, delay not your own freedom." ~ Lisa.Sophia.Spencer

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