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Fighting Change

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Like me, do you find that when you set out to make positive changes in your life, hesitancy and resistance take their rise?

If you notice yourself procrastinating and resisting the positive actions you know it's high time for you to take, like yesterday...

➢ Don’t judge it, don’t beat yourself up for it, just observe its presence (the presence of resistance).

➢ Consider its presence with a healthy sense of curiosity.

➢ Then, prevail through with the Fire of Love!

Tell resistance thank you! Thank it for coming to make you stronger. Thank it for coming to awaken you to your inner-saboteur. It’s ok, cry if you need to, and simultaneously (at the same time, in that very moment), brave up and push through!

Truth and change will come at the cost of resistance, and chaos most always precedes true change.

Like Yin and Yang, if I am my own hero, then I am also my own warden, my own killer (killing my opportunities, dreams), my own "Freddie Krueger".  

Notwithstanding and right now, we release the need to fight change and block our own goodness, our own wellness and success, in this very moment! All I’ll ever have is Now.

Don't fight back, win back. We are winning for our lives! We are Olympian Overcomers!

As said above, Truth and change will come at the cost of resistance.

Yet, Awareness is the entry to every amazing opening.

Love yourself, then “watch” yourself and grow free.

"Fighting Change"

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