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For me?...

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

”When is it my turn... I am feeling just so exhausted...”

For everything there is a season, and given is a season for everything. A time to help others, and a time to leave, thereby empowering others to help themselves (let go, and let GOD)... First, foremost and at bare minimum, there must be a time for us (you & me), as individuals. We must -faithfully- take gentle and essential care of ourselves, thereby opening ourselves to enjoy every good thing in which peace, joy and balance could minister unto us. Furthermore, let us begin again, and cease to quit seeding, nurturing and watering our own dreams. Your special time is oxygen unto the Self... being careful not to overwhelm & suffocate from a lack of time to deep breathe and just be... As shared above, for everything there is a season. Notwithstanding, “me time” and taking faithful care of ourselves is a -daily- necessity. We need a special, set aside time to heal, replenish, feel and know the Breath and Heart of GOD or of our Inner-Light. Otherwise, we will fall upon a very tormented, scorching summer in our lives... burned out, bitter & blinded by regrets. Wisdom admonishes us to affirm: “I have not violated sacred times and seasons” (Egyptian Wisdoms). Do not violate the need for your special time. As Earth and Sun turn and rise each new morning, let the dust settle on habits, fears and practices that will not protect you, and no longer serve your highest good. This -is- for you, give yourself permission to allow it. LIFE is longing for you! Everyday take time, so that you too may rise, in peace, wellness, joy, inner-love and prosperity. “No woman can be comfortable without her own self-approval.” Mark Twain (paraphrased) Notwithstanding, the same is true for every man. If I’d known then what I now know, I would have taken so much better care of my sacred mind, life, body and soul. It's not too late, this is our season. Like air, it’s time to rise!

"For Me?"

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