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Good Catch

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Wisdoms of old have prepared us "as within so without." So look within or you'll forever be without. Once we're adults, validation must rise and sustain us from within.

Therefore, let us be inspired to practice everything that is good and everything that increases healing and peace to our well-being.  

Over and again, we get to choose to release the need to self-loathe, self-abandon, or negate self-accountability in the guise of blaming it all on our "pain in the ass" intimate partner, ruminating on thoughts of heavy judgement, and seething dislike of others, complaining in our heads about the way "they" treat us (when we've chosen to stay in bad relationships of various kinds).

Truly, what we do is skate away from ourselves seeking "likes", envy, sympathy, “fake comfort” validation, and approval; while leaving our peace behind.


What hour (what 30 seconds) of your day have you totally belonged to yourself (present) with the sweetness of LIFE that beats your heart 100,000 times a day, without you having to even worry or think about it?

So why worry? LOVE lives and LOVE abides (every heartbeat is evidence of this). This LOVE that cares for us this way, thousands of times each day, will see us through and beyond.

I for one, have been catching myself abandoning myself, ruminating on my fiancée’s bad habits, hoping that others won't see me as "not nice" or a selfish B*tch, thereby abandoning my very own wellness by overcompensating to meet the needs of others who in the end will never be satisfied in the first place.  I've been seeing myself...

Catch myself

running away from myself

What, why?

can’t I truly be with me?

run away thoughts...running

to social media

running to spill the tea

running to eat

If I don’t want to be with me, who will?

Today, I love me enough to stay with every breath.

I love me enough to be my own best lover...

love... love... love, nourish and heal me, cherish the God in me and be still.

a a a a h

breathe deep

LOVE yearns,

and awaits me


I Am safe, I Am LOVE and All is well

© Lisa Spencer’s Moments of Reflection 2019

All Rights Reserved

If you are so moved, please treat yourself to this soothing, beautiful melody by india.arie

”We Are”

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