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The Lack of Reciprocity...

Updated: Jun 11

The lack of reciprocity breeds resentment (and will cause contempt & loathing to kindle). This is a "surefire", not to be taken lightly. We do best when we at least give as much as we take. Likewise, we do best when we place and cultivate ourselves in the hands & heart of reciprocity within our relationships. Though our acts of service given to one another ought not necessarily be identical, the match must be equal in quality, and depth (of what is meaningful to the other person). Balance is the key and necessity to Wholeness & Life.

May our striving toward balance be blessed, wise, focused and fruitful.

❤️May you be filled with love & kindness, imbued with enchanted hope & peace, joyful & as well as can be (if you appreciate & like this post, please share & pass it on (tap the link below to copy & share).

©"Lack of Reciprocity breeds Resentment"

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