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How does crazy Show Up in your Life?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

"Crazy Making"

I have found that it's really true, life is simple, and we complicate it.

We can elect to uncomplicate our day-to-day living by seeing and asking ourselves these healing and transformative things...

Where did I not speak up for myself, when I really needed to?

Where in my mind do I scare and frighten myself? (and how can I be more kind)

Where and how often do I secretly believe or convince myself that I don't measure up (feelings of unworthiness), and thereby show up awkwardly or clumsily?

How could I help by assuring myself that everyone else is as human as me? I too am a precious human being (apart from mistakes, apart from ways of living and coping, apart from incidents, history, trauma and things that I did not or do not fully have a grasp on, or reasonably know)?

In other words, simply because I exist and breathe, I'm worthy, I matter ♥️

How often do I turn to my "habits of crazy" for fleeting comfort, only to find that I once again have intensified the "crazy", the illness and the unhappiness in me and in my life?

How does all of this keep me in a self-defeating loop, and how long will I continue to allow this to derail my wellbeing, my dreams and goals? (How do I "allow" this? One way I allow this is by participating with what serves -against- my own wellness).

And how have I robbed and caused not only myself, but those who love, and/or depend on me to suffer because of it?

We can simply love, accept and befriend ourselves with welcome, mercy and compassion, then our creative options will open infinitely.

We can choose to resign our participation in "crazy making."

I will share with you an epiphany that came to me this morning,

"I cannot be mad at the illness (results) if I am not equally "mad" at the behaviors that invite, feed, and give life to the madness."

Transform your day at the speed of thought.

"How does crazy Show Up in your Life?"

Sending my Love to All♥️ (if you've appreciated this read, please share & pass it on)

(I will also share this YouTube video I came upon yesterday. Treat yourself to view as you are moved (less than 2 minutes).

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1 Comment

Lisa Sophia Spencer
Lisa Sophia Spencer
Jun 11, 2021

Here's the video: "Learning to Be a Friend to Yourself" (The School of Life)

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