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♥️Keep faith...let your hopes not die

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

There is a profound move of change in this world.

Sadly, it cost us another senseless & sorrowful death, the death of Brother-of-the-world, George Floyd.

The murder of this surrendered & subdued man was the catalyst that ignited the fires of transformation and change (long awaited).

I will paraphrase the songstress, and song-minister to the hearts of many, India Arie, “we are the heirs of the prayers our Ancestors & elders prayed.“

Yes, they the sacrificial generations were truly the preyed upon. Notwithstanding, their cries, their blood has not, nor will it ever be in vain.

Keep your faith, trust, believe and beautifully (in graceful patience and with due diligence), wait.

Giving thanks to God, for CHANGE is the irrevocable, indestructible promise.

Keep faith!♥️ Change has come. “Behold, old things have passed away, all things have become new.”

(Also, be willing to commit to your self-development (for your dreams to unfold) for at least 10 years. New takes time. Be gentle with yourself. Again, "new" takes time. In unhealthy relationships, choose you. Commit to LOVE. Let not your hopes die).

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