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Loving Home

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

We all need a safe home. With this in mind, let us create joyously safe minds & beloved bodies... that we love with a divine, agape LOVE. Moreover, so that we may live in, feel safe & at home; as we traverse through this sometimes chaotic life-journey.

Let’s be inspired to practice everything that is good, everything that is healing and of peaceful news, through lenses of realism. Yet, let us not cease to cleanse our lenses in relentless faith to see & find a way. Furthermore, trust your gut, seek peace & find good or the lesson leading to our good in all situations.

Some of us do not believe in God, yet believe in the highest good for this world and for man-kind, some of us believe in Divine Most High LOVE, and some believe that God is LOVE. Whatever we choose to call this Almighty and supernaturally infused Energy, there is a biblical scripture that says “In God I live, move and have my being (Acts 17:28).”

On faith, says of the beloved, late and legendary poet, mother to many, and universal teacher, Dr. Maya Angelou, “I lose it, we all lose it from time to time, its human... faith trembles and skids away, & in that moment I am dangerous and in danger.” Maya went on to say, “then, I remind myself that in God, I live, I move and I have my being, I am centered, and I’m fine.”

While refreshing ourselves with healing wisdoms, remember, no man, no woman can be comfortable without his/her own self-approval” (Mark Twain, paraphrased).

Moreover, wisdoms of old have prepared us “As within, so without.”

Validation, joy and peace must begin within.

We must -faithfully- take essential, gentle care of our “home” thereby, opening ourselves to abundantly enjoy every good thing in which peace, joy and love could minister unto us.

And now, we courageously open our world to let LOVE Arise, and all HER enemies be scattered!

(I gift to you this listening joy today. Treat yourself and listen as you are moved to; upon your rise each new day, or at any time you so choose).

LOVE Abides! Peace to all. "Loving Home"

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