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Power On!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Do not give up! Do all you can, the very best you can, whatever that may be.

At times, wisdom will invoke us to make necessary changes for the better in our lives (trust that Presence within you).

Injustice and inequality have been in place for a truly long time. We will get there...

Do not quit.

Your good desires may have not yet manifest, don’t give up.

What if the womb (of every species) quit on the embryo? What if the axis quit the Earth?

Seasons change, and new beginnings are born. It -will- happen.

We must release the need, obsession or fixation to know when.

Don't expect it to change ”overnight,” and at the same time, trust and believe that in time good (wise) works will be fruitful.

It’s about relentless, healthy consistency.

We may have to change our approach, change our surroundings, habits, schedules or strategies...

Time belongs not to mortal woman nor man.

Yet Change!... is promised to those who release the need to quit (ever).

"Power On!"

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