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Secret Sensitivities...

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Are you secretly sensitive about the opinions of others, more sensitive than you’ll ever admit?

We often find that we end up doing what others “expect”, for fear of looking odd, being left out, called selfish or worse.

Our own unrealistic expectations can devastate us, even more painful can be our unquestioned servitude to outside approval. Why do we value and respect others’ opinions of us, more than we prize our own self-truths and values? It would not matter to us, what they call us, if we only answer to LOVE.

Ancient wisdoms encourage us to “learn to distinguish the real from the unreal.” Our Inner-Light, The Greater One, The Creator lives within. We must look within, or we’ll forever be without. Nothing Real can be broken.

Life sometimes really hurts. One way or another, we’ll find ourselves in tears. Notwithstanding, better the cry of victory than the tears of defeat.

Let us affirm, “I have not polluted myself with guilt, neither have I polluted my soul with responsibilities that I ‘m not / or are no longer responsible for.”

Whenever we do not meet the -exact- expectations of others, if we’re not careful, they can easily “make” us feel as though we’re inadequate, weak, dumb or all of the above. This can easily strip us of our sense of self, and leave us feeling hurt, limp and lost.

The Golden rule simply commands that we love others as we love ourselves. Without respect and self-love, we’ll forever look and not find true love anywhere in this world. I, nor you were birthed with the job of meeting the false and twisted expectations of others; only to reap in overtaxed wages of grief.

Take this job and shove it!

Better yet, we hereby and forever release the need to misalign our true purpose, be badly used or to be any shade of victim ever again. We are not the blame and we release all shame. Yet, for our own worth, life and value, we hold only ourselves accountable. Empowered and responsible are we, and from this day forward, we remove all layered blindness, clothed in helplessness and denial. We now declare that we see very clearly, and thus are fiercely free. For whom the Sun (the Fire of Truth) has set free, is free indeed!

I clearly see that most assuredly I am, you are, the hero you and I have been longing for, all of our lives.

Today, we allow the LOVE of life to resonate on high and from deep within. You are truly ok, on your way to richness & pureness of good and beautiful just the way you are.

"Secret Sensitivities"

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