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Sing a Song♫

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How are we all so much like a song?

Melody is defined as a sequence of single notes that’s musically satisfying. It’s similarly defined as musically satisfying sequences of notes collectively.

We are like a song:

Melody – we live by each little step as we walk collectively through all the stages of our lives.

Harmony – What we long for is harmony, within ourselves and with others. We very much want the peace, agreement, accord and unified fellowship of our hearts (values and joys), minds (self-promises) and truth (inner-wisdom of our souls) to be together as one when we speak, think, act and in all that we do. This is the most essential blend of harmony, Inner-Harmony.

Next what we long for is belonging. We hope to connect and resonate with our “village” our “tribe.” We’d very much enjoy harmonizing with caring others in this world. As wisdoms of old have prepared us, “As within, so without.” Well lived harmony begins Within.

Good! – We want “top of the charts” goodness in our hearts and lives. Like a new song, if we’re honest, we want the melody, known as us, to be good and be accepted by everyone (in a perfect world), especially by those who matter most to us. We want life to be good!

Stop the record. Let’s ask... what if? What if my daily energy, state of being, inner-thought-life, and actions were to play out in song, right now, for the world to hear? Would I be frightened with how it’s going to sound?

Let’s fine tune our inner-listening skills right now & set our dials to:

Self-Trust (trusting our Inner-Guidance)



Harmony (Balance)


Yes, now we’re harmonizing so beautifully! Living with self-love, self-honor, goodness, passion and

r-e-s-p-e-c-t will hit those high notes, astounding tones of wellness and resonating joys.

Trust and create every little step in your melody, then vibe in a harmony that is soul satisfying.

Now let your music play!

"Sing A Song"

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