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Underestimated Power

Updated: 5 days ago

To try and escape, go beneath, around or "cheat" wisdom in an act of (denial or) deceitful cunningness is nothing more than foolish and less than smart (self-defeat). Choose wisely (don't hesitate to seek good counsel & healthy company when feeling raw, vulnerable, full of emotion or confused). Release the need to act on impulse.

Things usually feel better after a good cry, listening to some good music, reflecting on the messes that resulted from previous impulsiveness, by remembering who, what & where we truly desire to be, and after a good night’s sleep.

I will quote myself and share here with you, “Where there is wisdom, there will be protection.”

Wisdom is the fruitfully faithful, sure-fire and underestimated power! The sanity, good future (reputation) and peace of mind you save will be your own & in good time. ❤️May you be filled with love & kindness, wise & imbued with enchanted peace (if you appreciate & like this post, please share & pass it on (tap the link below to copy & share).

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