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until Justice rings...

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Eric Garner,

Sandra Bland,

Ahmaud Arbery,

George Floyd...

Until justice rings, we speak your names,

until the dignity and common decency of human rights are granted for all, we speak your names until justice rings!

Sadly, there are many countless more names, both known and obscured.

Let every heart rip, every hand lift in prayer, and everybody move toward healing, helpful and humane action, everywhere.

LOVE is never obscured, but demonstrated. In fact love hidden is no love at all.

There is but one race, across all ethnicities, political party and blood lines, and that is the human race.

Over the past 500 years (as witnessed most recently in the past 3 months alone, with the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, the brutal beating of DarQuan Jones, and the noose-less public lynching of George Floyd), there has been an ongoing, unwarranted war on Black lives, on precious life, on humanity...

Yes, our lives matter too, every life does. Life is precious and justice is poetic...

The human race, collectively must put an end to this.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

From George Stinney, Jr. (1944) to George Floyd (2020), and their grandmothers, and their grandfathers, and their great, great grandparents, and their great...

We carry your Light and we speak your names, until Justice rings.


© ”until Justice rings” (poem) Lisa Spencer’s From the Heart Poetry Collection, 2020

All Rights Reserved

Truly resonant CNN clip with Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo

For further study on George Stinney, Jr. there are links below to support you, as you are moved:


(Also see the “Re-opening of case, and vacatur of conviction” section of the Wikipedia article)

YouTube video synopsis:

CNN coverage:

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1 commentaire

Lisa Sophia Spencer
Lisa Sophia Spencer
30 mai 2020

All are invited to list all of the unjust & racially slain... List them one by one and let us together remember their names and speak out to effect positive change ♥️🔥♥️

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