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When Fear is the Mountain

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

When fear is the mountain

(FAITH moves mountains)

Faith + mantra + fasting + prayer + unashamed and relentless resilience moves mountains.

Sometimes, the issue is fear of the mountain itself, when the hidden and deeper issue is not the mountain, but the mountain is actually Fear (within and of) itself. “Wisdom is the principle thing, and in all your getting, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7)

What are we afraid of?

Fear of death

Fear of the end

Fear of loss

Fear of how it will end (which all rob us of the here & now)

Fear of homelessness

Fear of hunger

Fear of mockery

Fear of rejection

Fear of being unlovable

Fear of public judgement

Fear of unworthiness

Fear of abandonment

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of pain (& discomfort)

Fear of looking ridiculous

Fear of not being enough

Fear of lost dreams

Fear of being laughed at

Fear of being misunderstood

Fear of taking a chance

Fear of change

Fear of being alone

There’s also the fear of all that you cannot control (remember, the goal is self-control & exercising the liberty to choose differently)

There is creativity and even freedom within our limitations. Get creative.

We may not do “everything” (or all that we want), yet, we all can do something.

“Be anxious for nothing…” (Philippians 4:6)

Yes, positive thinking is powerful (for every thought is a prayer either for or against us).

However, it does not come naturally for most of us. Saying, “I will speak my positive mantra, quote or scripture” (setting the intention is a must, but alone will not work). Take action. Deliberately put it on the clock. Then speak, speak, speak it until.

Some of us will use the power-tools of positive quotes, holy scriptures, a mantra (or use all three creatively). A simple mantra that I was inspired by a good friend for my personal use: “I believe in God (The Most High, LIFE) & I believe in me.

It is said that “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word.” Repetitious positive speaking is exquisitely powerful indeed. We can multiply that power with a mantra, by speaking it over and again, every hour, every day, until. More still, the supernatural power of prayer (heartfelt, raw & pure prayer, with the spirit of thanks-giving in advance) is an incredibly amazing, miraculous energetic and divine force. Serene surrender is sweet. Rest when you must, forgive yourself when you fall, but, don’t die in your doubts, and don’t you quit.

Time does not belong to mortal woman nor man. We must get our minds off of “time” and do good until the dawning of liberating change is manifest.

Are you feeling fear? It’s a mountain. Move it. Move it with FAITH and if that mountain doesn't move, you will move above it. Deep breathe, take heart and believe. "Face Every fear And Rise" Zig Ziglar

Let LOVE arise, and all Her enemies be scattered.

❤️May you be filled with love & kindness, imbued with enchanted hope & peace, joyful & as well as can be (if you appreciate & like this post, please share & pass it on (tap the link below to copy & share).

©"When Fear is the Mountain"

Lisa.Sophia.Spencer 2022

All Rights Reserved

(Video recites the book of Matthew 11:22-24)

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