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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

LOVE is my Shepherd, I shall not want or be in need for any good thing LOVE maketh me to lie down in lush green pastures LOVE leads me beside the still waters LOVE guides me in the paths of righteousness for Love’s name sake LOVE restores my vitality, my fire, my soul Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for LOVE is with me, above me, beneath, and all around me to rebirth me, and to resurrect me This very LOVE lives in and thru me How can I ever fear rejection? Her Presence, direction, favored touch and protection, they guide and comfort me She prepares a lavish table for me in the presence of my enemies She anoints my head with oil until my joy flows over, and over again Surely goodness, mercy and LOVE shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the Heart, Presence and Eye of LOVE forever, and ever, and ever more the Presence of pure LOVE there is deep seated peace and no torment.

Let LOVE arise and all enemies (of Love) be scattered♥️ "

"Love Is..."

(Adaptation of Psalm 23, The Holy Bible)

(“Love is my Shepherd”, page 83, from BluJOY) BluJOY is available at or © Lisa Spencer’s From the Heart Poetry Collection 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Fear and Freedom

Love, the opposite of harm; self-harm or harm to another. The opposite of Love is fear.

Trust your Joy

What lights your joy or makes you deeply happy?

Trust the Eye within your eyes (the deep knowing, “shut” behind the lids of your denial).  Trust the "red flags."

Trust what you sense the first time (give yourself permission to see).

Trust when you hear (that Wisdom, Divine Spirit & intuition). Release the need to over-busy yourself or rationalize.

Train yourself instead, to be still -listen- and know.

Freedom! Know freedom.

What liberates you? When do you feel free to be joyfully, deeply, powerfully you (without self-harm, other harm or recklessness)?

What are your freedom dreams?

” Grow or go!” (anonymous author)

"Haste not to harm another, delay not your own freedom." ~ Lisa.Sophia.Spencer

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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Do not give up! Do all you can, the very best you can, whatever that may be.

At times, wisdom will invoke us to make necessary changes for the better in our lives (trust that Presence within you).

Injustice and inequality have been in place for a truly long time. We will get there...

Do not quit.

Your good desires may have not yet manifest, don’t give up.

What if the womb (of every species) quit on the embryo? What if the axis quit the Earth?

Seasons change, and new beginnings are born. It -will- happen.

We must release the need, obsession or fixation to know when.

Don't expect it to change ”overnight,” and at the same time, trust and believe that in time good (wise) works will be fruitful.

It’s about relentless, healthy consistency.

We may have to change our approach, change our surroundings, habits, schedules or strategies...

Time belongs not to mortal woman nor man.

Yet Change!... is promised to those who release the need to quit (ever).

"Power On!"

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